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Jim Wolf Technology has successfully completed the first profile in a new series of Extreme Camshafts for the KA24DE engine. Cam on valve engines such as the KA have a very basic valve train, no push rods or rocker arms, just a valve with a bucket follower and a cam lobe all stack on top of each other. This has a great advantage with respect to kinetic motion plus significantly lowers the mass and elasticity compared to a push rod engine or even a cam on rocker overhead cam engine. The bad news is that there is no way to leverage the cam motion to the valve, since there is no rocker to increase lift at the valve. The KA24DE is strictly one to one lift, so what on the surface seems to be simple and efficient suddenly becomes a nightmare for the cam designer trying to out flow a competing rocker type engine! This was a problem JWT was asked to solve for the KA engines used in the C.O.R.E. Pro-Lite off road series, in which Nissan runs the KA24DE. From this development comes their new C78 Extreme cam profile with more than a 50% increase in open area on the intake valve! DLC (diamond-like coating) followers make this possible, and absolutely must be used with this profile. The good news is that the C78 cams are precision ground to use the stock Nissan VQ35HR DLC followers, which cost about the same as the stock non-DLC followers, very nice! Call JWT for details including valve spring specs. A2401-NTC78 280/288 DEG. .444(12.19MM) /.480 (11.27MM) LIFT

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