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Performance is not just a single horsepower number at wide open throttle. Throttle response, drivability and efficiency (maximum power to fuel ratio) are also among the true qualities that define performance. The original ECU program is limited by compromises made in these areas by the factory in the elusive attempt to satisfy "all the people all the time". POP or Performance Optimized Programming is the technology we use to unlock these compromises. POP is much more than just changing a few numbers in the memory maps of the control program. Without a thorough knowledge of the engine management control system and a skillful ability to optimize all areas of the programs inside, this extra performance is untouchable. Optimizing begins by addressing the fuel and ignition timing demands required for crisp response during throttle position changes. It requires that the actual memory maps be extended far enough to reach the high rpm and load limits of the higher capability of the engine. This can be critical to safe operation at higher output, since the stock maps are not designed with memory cells that address the higher loads and rpm (the stock program can only make a best guess at the needed fuel and ignition timing). Variable computer controlled cam timing is an innovation used on many Nissans, optimizing these cam timing points for load and rpm is a must for optimized performance. Once all of the detailed "housekeeping" work is finished, such as raising the rpm limiters and removing the speed limiters, the "maps" can be tuned to perfection. Many days of dynamometer and road testing are required to achieve the maximum safe performance level from the vehicle. Air/fuel ratios and ignition timing are constantly monitored throughout every load/rpm combination and new values are continually downloaded to the engine control unit and evaluated for optimum results. All of this information is then assembled into a final program which is installed and tested in every unit before you receive your upgrade package, making it a "plug and play" upgrade! Performance optimized programming is truly today's tuning tool for performance, offering a unique ability to "surgically tune" the engine without disturbing the light throttle and cruising modes of the original program. Tuning is done outside of these areas to maintain the original fuel economy, and smooth drivability, while maximizing performance where it really counts.

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